Monday, August 26, 2019

My father Paul Biya saved my life - Michel says

In an exclusive interview Yves Michel Fotso reveals that Paul Biya saved his life.

Having benefited from a medical evacuation thanks to the intervention of the President of the Republic, the son of businessman Fotso Victor thanked him.

Yves Michel Fotso is under intensive care at the moment. It does not happen a day without saying thank you to the Head of State. Because it is thanks to Paul Biya that he finally benefited from a medical evacuation. This is information that our colleague Essingan published on August 23, 2019. The subject is also in the news. The newspaper indicates that, according to one of its reliable sources, it is on "his sick bed and in a worrying state", that Yves Michel Fotso the former Director General (Dg) of Camair-co stop thanking Paul Biya.

"Thank you to the Head of State, whom God has used the magnanimous and beneficent hand to my place ... My father Paul Biya saved my life, I can only highly recommend it to our Lord," he declared. former CEO of Camair-co sentenced to two life sentences.

Columns of our colleague, we also learn that his medical evacuation is a real relief for his family. "They who lived as a trauma¬tisme the vicissitudes imposed on his medical file long months while having received the precious favorable opinion of the presi¬dent of the Republic," writes Essingan.

Shanda Tonme, a personality who has written books for the son of billionaire Victor Fotso, known to be around the ex-CEO of Camair-co also thanked President Paul Biya, in a statement. In the statement that is public, through the human rights association, Shanda Tonme magnifies "the gesture of the President of the Republic, which deserves to be greeted in every sense of the word, and with a maximum of celerity, falls under its sovereign and discretionary power of the rest consecrated by the constitution, and has an undeniable humanitarian character ".