Thursday, August 29, 2019

Japan-Africa Summit: Afraid of being disgraced, President Paul Biya Expected in Japan, but did not make the trip

"Paul Biya dribbles the Nippon summit" . This is the big One of the daily Le Messager on newsstands this Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

The newspaper writes that the Cameroonian Head of State is the great absentee of the 7th Summit of the Tokyo International Conference on the Development of Africa (TICAD) which opens today in Yokohama.

No reason is put forward to justify the absence of the current tenant of Etoudi. Similarly, it is not known whether the President of the Republic has appointed a personality to represent him at this meeting to which he was invited.

Photo: Japan-Africa Summit 2019

"The Head of State had to travel, but he canceled at the last moment," breathes a regular in the cozy halls of Yaounde. According to this source, an advanced mission had already been dispatched to Japan.

For the rest, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe presided over the opening of the summit in the presence of several leaders of the continent, including Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and Senegalese Macky Sall .

Analysts agree that through this meeting, the Japanese authorities want to make up the lag that their country accuses on China in the field of investment in Africa.