Thursday, August 1, 2019

Death of Irene Biya: here is the reason why her memory was never celebrated

27 years ago, on July 29, 1992, Jeanne Irène Atyam Biya, Cameroonian First Lady, was suddenly killed at the Etoudi presidential palace in Yaounde. All the mysteries remain around her death. Who saw his body? Why was the coffin sealed? Was it a coffin without her body that was buried in Mvomeka'a, birthplace of her husband Paul Biya? Why no Thanksgiving Mass has ever been celebrated in his memory since his passing?

The death of Jeanne Irene Atyam Biya occurs when there was strong tension between her and her husband. She would have asked Paul Biya to give up power after the interview of the general director of the Cameroonian Society of Banks Robert Messi Messi who had fled to Canada, who had revealed to Jeune Afrique that the head of state Paul Biya and his entourage had looted the bank with 4 billion. Update soon...

Reporter: Remy Ngono