Thursday, August 22, 2019

Crisis at Camair-Co: here are the reasons for the suspension of appointments

65 appointments in a single day in a commercial enterprise, ie 13% of the affected staff and some, without prior authorization of the Board of Directors.

These are the priorities of LG Njipendi when the company is crumbling under the debts, delayed paying 2 months of salary arrears and only 2 weeks of the new school year.

The CAMAIR CO employees say that these appointments do not take into account the regional balance because the Heads of Anglophone Departments originating from the North-West and South-West are demoted to the benefit of BAMOUN.

More importantly, a simple inexperienced counter agent ends up with the positions of Head of Sales and Representative in the Central Region (Yaoundé).

We need to see more clearly, maybe the clan is surely organizing another sieve of money beyond the head office with the example of the services of the wife of the former PCA at the boards of directors where the meal is billed to 175,000 FCFA per Administrator..

While the new director of CAMAIR CO is asked to straighten the company, the former director of cabinet Ferdinand Ngo'o Ngo'o form his new government at CAMAIR CO then that the company is bankrupt. This is Ngo'o Ngo'o's friend what are you going to do?