Thursday, August 22, 2019

Church Crisis In Cameroon: Former Journalist Reveals Everything Inside Presbyterian As The "Biya" Approach Causes Chaos In The Church

Victor Epie 'Ngome, a veteran and Christian journalist from the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, urged church leaders to address the relevant issues that divide the house of God, rather than taking a "Biya" approach.

In a message to CCP moderator Rt. Reverend Fonki Samuel, he regretted that the moderator had neglected the accusations against him in recent months, which he said had rather aggravated the problems faced by the president. 'church.

"Give the impression that they are all covered in shit so they can not call you, but these people are not candidates for the post of moderator or clerk of the synod, they are ordinary Christians - redeemed sinners , and they have the right to whoever wants to embody the sacred institution of his church, "he proposed.

He also said that church leadership had rather intimidated Christians rather than solved their problems.

"This administration has used intimidation and harassment of its accusers, instead of talking about the charges," he said.

"The Biya strategy will not work either, do not think that your prolonged silence about the problems will tire people and that they will simply give in. Nothing less than transparency and accountability will bring this leadership out of the woods. ", advised the Professor.

Some CCP board members, the clerk of the Synod, and pastors had quarreled with the CCP moderator, who has since split opinions between CCP Christians.

The moderator recently spoke of his innocence to the congregation of the CPC Bonamousadi in Douala and called on Christians to pray for the welfare of the church.