Friday, August 2, 2019

Chaoses in Cameroon: Paul Biya put in 'isolation'

In a context marked by internal conflicts within the seraglio for the succession of Paul Biya and individual positions, the Cameroonian government is compared to a football team in which each player wants to be top scorer. Cohesion, team spirit and lack of solidarity have done the trick. A bitter report made by the Head of State himself at his address to the nation on December 31, 2013:

"No doubt it will be imperative to tackle the causes of our shortcomings by removing blocking points, areas of dispersion and duplicates. Would we be unable to do what other countries comparable to ours have done or are doing? I do not believe that. We have talented, ingenious, well-trained and enterprising men, women and young people who are able to meet these challenges. We have natural resources, abundant and varied. We have institutions, modern and democratic. Our country knows peace and stability. Where are we missing? »

General interest 

What is missing, well, is this government solidarity, the combination of efforts to solve the problems that undermine Cameroon. "I believe that we have progress to make on two important points: the primacy of the general interest and the coordination of our efforts.Although attached to our communities of origin, which does not prevent us from being fervent patriots when the national honor is at stake, we are a people of individualists, more preoccupied with personal success than with general interest . Our Administration remains permeable to the particular interest. The latter is most often incompatible with the interest of the national community. In a "modern state, this drift should not be tolerated," denounces Paul Biya in his end-of-year speech in 2013.

Ministers and other decision-makers work "solo" for their own interests, personal achievements, and ambitions. Faced with a particular problem, we do not see a strong mobilization of the government to combine efforts to find solutions. Rather, everyone wants to save his head by casting stigma on others. Some clear themselves to accuse others. The government machine is thus seized, weakened and the Cameroon boat struggling to move towards its emergence, despite promising presidential speeches.

Paul Biya: if alone? 

The question is worth asking when the Presidential Palace stands shamefully at a colander, which holds nothing and filters nothing. Everything that is done in this ultra-sensitive house is broadcast on social networks because of the wars of positioning, the wars for power. Those who aspire to the supreme magistracy want to destabilize the leader to take his place.

Who are these people in the presidency of the Republic who leave confidential information to the public? What justifies their maneuvers? Who are these other people around the Head of State who deliver to the press compromising information against their service colleagues? So many questions that converge on an element of response: the quest for power. These actions would help to physically eliminate, by less violent methods, the President of the Republic.Reflection circles in place to

Source: The Sparrowhawk n ° 1408