Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bridge connecting Nigeria to Cameroon destroyed by floods

One of the two bridges linking Michika and Madagali local governments in Adamawa State was destroyed some years back, by Boko Haram.

Now, the remaining one has been damaged by heavy rains leading to a shutdown of business.

Michika bridge links Adamawa State to Borno and Cameroon.

Things are not looking good for residents of Michika and Madagali, two of the seven local governments in Northern Adamawa overrun by Boko Haram five years ago.

They are once again left in distress, as the only bridge connecting them to the state capital and neighbouring Borno State as well as the Republic of Cameroon, lies in ruins.

And while the rains may have contributed to its present state, it is not solely to blame.

Residents of Michika and Madagali are concerned that whatever affects the bridge affects them directly.

Michika and Madagali are communities that have been badly hit by terrorist activities.

Speedy repairs on the bridge would serve two purposes: help in easy transportation of farm produce and provide villagers the means to escape if there is ever another terror attack.

Source: TVCNews