Saturday, August 3, 2019

Biya's health: bad news from Luxembourg, revealed last night

Since very late, yesterday in the night, persistent rumors probably emanating from circles close to western chancelleries in Cameroon, speculate on a probable disappearance of the dictator Cameroonian, occurred in Luxembourg, where he arrived very poorly during the week.

Still according to these same sources, relaying leaks cleverly distilled by networks close to power, it would be a shaky battle in Yaoundé, where rival clans look at each other and lie in waiter dogs.

All the knives are on the lookout, between the clan of Franck Biya, "putative successor", and that of the Nanga, headed by Chantal Biya. In the middle of all this, Marcel Niat Njifendji, official constitutional dolphin in spite of himself, a real mummy taken hostage who does not know where to turn his head. As for Clement Atangana, president of the Constitutional Council, he is not found and unreachable, and responds to any of his phones.

Whatever the outcome of this rumor, we can not help but rethink the prophecy of Martin Belinga Eboutou, since his deathbed in Geneva: "If something happened to me, they (Chantal and Paul Biya ) would not survive me long. "

Reporter: Chris Dubon