Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ayuk Tabe's sentenced: Paul Biya sacrifices back to school

Students, parents and teachers fear retaliation fighters retaliation for the start of the 2019 school year. So, the momentum given by the concept "back to school" could take a hit.

There was already fear for the safety of teachers and students. Separatist fighters have regularly abused this category of targeted people.

The defense and security forces are already on the alert, as hostage-taking is likely to increase, as well as armed attacks on public places, especially schools. The inhabitants of the English-speaking areas claim that reactions from the separatists are to be expected in retaliation for the ruling of the court convicting alive the president of the virtual state called "Ambazonia". The feared violence may also take the form of armed clashes between secessionists and the defense forces.

"The real concern of the population is that this situation affects the campaign launched for an effective start to the school year and an efficient school year in the North-West and South-West regions (Noso). More and more, children leave the region to enroll in other regions, "says a resident of the area. A situation that will contribute to increasing the mass exodus of students to French-speaking regions in order to pursue their studies calmly.

According to sources, if a precarious calm reigns in Buea in the North-West region after the conviction of Ayuk Tabe by the Yaoundé Military Court to the life sentence and damages of 250 billion FCFA, in the region North West, the situation was tense after the verdict.Shots were heard on the side of "Commercial Avenue" in Bamenda. The Ambazonians have also stormed the Nitop market located near the hospital in the city, said the source. And voices are raised to make statements, some to be moved, the others to make a mockery of the actions on both sides. Regarding news about the Anglophone crisis, Mancho Bibixy comments on his Facebook page: "When the liberators make a decision and their people flee to the house of the oppressor to take refuge, we begin to wonder about the intentions of these leaders. Any decision that is not favorable to the people is counterproductive. History will judge us all. For Ayah Paul Abine, all this would have made sense if this long period of closure imposed on people already suffering from poverty by asking them to store food at home with money they do not have. They can also provide financial support to these poor families to build up reserves that will keep them going for long periods of time. There is only one truly naughty and irresponsible parent who can not remind his child of the importance of education and have as a priority to pay his school fees and buy the necessities for school.

The people and the entire English-speaking elite seem to be chorusing on the path of disapproval of the war the separatists declared at school.

It was in this wave of protest supported by the Catholic clergy that Bishop George Nkuo, bishop of the Diocese of Kumbo, was kidnapped on August 24 by the secessionists. A protest march by the Catholic faithful to Kiman Hill in the Jakiri district, calling for the release of their bishop, led to the release of the prelate.

Source: ESSENTIAL N ° 258