Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ayuk Tabe's sentence: Alice Sadio dismisses Biya's regime

Hours after the sentence against Ayuk Tabe and company was made public, politicians have stepped up to denounce the verdict handed down by the Cameroonian courts.

For Alice Sadio the National President of the Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP) affirms that the pillars of our Respublica, are to be reviewed. In a correspondence made public, the politician dismantles the current regime. Below the whole of his point of view.

"Give him a corporatist claim, his pride, his flippancy, his bullying and arrests will make a socio-political crisis.

Give it a socio-political crisis, its denial and its killings (September and October 1, 2016) will make it a separatist guerrilla.

Give him a rebel separatist guerrilla, which can be curbed in a few months by strong and daring political resolutions and reforms, it will make a real war resulting in thousands of deaths, the paralysis of part of the country, hundreds thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons, despite the calls for dialogue among the entire social body, the international community and the extended hand of the main belligerents.

Give him a simple march of protest of a political party, it will make a "hostility to the Fatherland", no, rather a crime of "atroupement of a political character" ... judged not less than the Military Court!

What about the death toll of the constitutional revision (February 2008) that triggered the stay in power of these arsonists? What kind of crime was that?Perhaps we will be told that this was a "Great Realization" of the WISH of a man whose desires are orders?

Only there is a time for everything. There is a time for sham and a time for accountability.

Cameroon and its squads of misery and death will be no exception.

There is a time for indolence and a time for the awakening of multitudes.

It is time for the SOVEREIGN to raise his voice and defend PACIFICLY, BUT ALSO his living space, Cameroon.

The pillars of our Respublica are to be rethought and it is neither a matter of tribe nor a party affair, let alone a "providential leader".

To tell the truth, angelic leaders, the people have their slap. Cameroonians are fed up with it if you still do not understand it.

And to paraphrase a great man, Cameroon will only go right when the INSTITUTIONS take over the parties, and that the GENERAL INTEREST will prevail over the basement calculations of special interests.

So together we will build this New Republic of our dreams.

It is time for the men of honor who love this country to swallow their egos and take their responsibilities.

We do our part, modestly, but rigorously.

Patriotically! "