Saturday, August 31, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: revelations that betray Sisiku Ayuk Tabe

Here is in this photo the leader of the ambazonia, the Feyman Ayuk Sisiku Tabe (half Cameroonian and half Nigerian born), during a meeting with the secessionist leaders of Biafra in July 2017. You have in costume on this photo , Nobo Foncha Nkem (former US soldier), an ambazonia military officer living in the United States.

During this meeting of separatists and terrorists, Biafra leaders had been asked to lend a hand to Ambazonian secessionists in Cameroon by sending 300 armed mercenaries to Cameroon via Mamfe and Kumba on 1 October. But the sleuths of the Cameroonian intelligence services put in perfume, had set up a strategy to thwart this terrorist attack which aimed to amputate a part of the Cameroonian territory to declare it independent on October 01 with the complicity of the imperialist west. 300 Biafran mercenaries were taken from course, unexpectedly by the Cameroonian army had not managed to cross the border Mamfe side which remains closed to this day. A stinging defeat for Ambazomban terrorists allied to those of Biafra also rich in oil. Nigerian Biafra was already a rear base for Ambazombian secessionists.

The plan of remodeling and balkanization of the African continent by the predatory powers of the West planned to separate the hydrocarbon-rich areas of northwest and southwest Cameroon to link them with Nigerian Biafra (rich in oil) to create the PETER EMIRAT OF THE GULF OF GUINEA, it was said on the other side (Biafra).

Journalist: Patrick Duprix Anicet Mani