Monday, August 5, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: The Revealed Story Of Muyuka Bloody Sunday

On Sunday 4/08/2019, Cameroonian Military Forces Invaded Muyuka, Killed A lot Of Innocent People At Various Locations. A Social Media User Narrates The Story, Read Below

Shockingly, this is muyuka 4/08/2019, precisely Makanga. U won't believe that being on Sunday in a peaceful atmosphere after churches have closed people in their various quarters, occasions going on, funerals and normal businesses, at around 8pm military men just storm the quarter with armour vehicles, dangerous war equipment, surprised people with constant saturating gunshots such that people confused what was happening, as the people scattered and ran to either directions, many unfortunately fell into the hands of military who carried them to GBHS front gate and shot them all death. Some happen to be missing only to discovered they were carried to another location after their station called meanger and killed there. From many points of view they were killed in that way so that it won't be like mass massacre. Among those in the photo are Mr Abraham with jean and tennis a palm wine tapper, Mr Joe a road side petrol seller with black trousers, a man called pa faith a chemist seller in the middle,  a bike rider whose name still know. Were all at their business centers when they were caught and taken to murder. Heart breaking, pa faith suppose to have his marriage ceremony on the coming Saturday at Catholic Church Makanga. God see this, nature see this, the world see this, what Cameroun government prefer to do southern Cameroon for crime they haven't committed except seeking for independence from the brutal colonial rule over them. I don't know if Paul Biya is now the world president or God of gods, pharaoh, Herod and Nebuchadnezzar should be ur advisers, the end shall tell.

Tebo Juliet