Saturday, August 31, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Paul Biya is only a performer!

Paul Biya did not declare war on "secessionist terrorists" on November 30, 2017 for nothing. Paul Biya did not kill for nothing the hundreds of English speakers of Southern Cameroons who commemorated the 56th anniversary of the independence of their state on October 1, 2017 through public demonstrations. The 86-year-old Cameroonian dictator and his entourage of hawks and warring war do not refuse the negotiations out of crisis for nothing.They do not order the massacre of innocent civilians in English-speaking Cameroon for nothing. In reality, all this beautiful people are only servants of France, the "mother country". It is therefore against the famous Françafrique that the English-speaking independence forces ("restorations forces") are fighting for the restoration of the British Southern Cameroons, independent since October 1, 1961.

It is France via Paul Biya who is at the origin of the ongoing war in Southern Cameroons and which in reality leads it.Do not talk about Cameroon "one and indivisible", the territorial integrity to preserve because even Paul Biya, best student of France, knows very well that Cameroon forms two independent states at the base. It was Paul Biya who organized the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Cameroon (the one managed by France before independence) on 1 January 2010, thus suggesting that there are two Cameroon. It is always he who received at the palace of Etoudi May 20, 2010 UN envoys with two cards: one from the Republic of Cameroon and the other Southern Cameroons.

What is France looking for via Paul Biya in English-speaking Cameroon? Wood, rubber, banana, palm oil, cocoa, coffee and above all oil. Black gold flows there and is produced in large quantities.Cameroon concentrates most of its production there. France is tempted by this refined oil by the National Refining Company (SONARA) based in Limbe ex Victoria (Southern Southern Cameroons). The soldiers of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), a special unit of the Cameroonian army that sows terror and massacres thousands of civilians in English-speaking Cameroon, are paid by the National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH) budget, in centralization of oil revenues controlled by France.

It is because of this oil and many other riches that since the signing on December 26, 1959 secret agreements with Ahmadou Ahidjo, President of the Republic of Cameroon, France initiated a process of annexation of Southern Cameroons. There has even been talk for France of eradicating Anglo-Saxon culture. To understand why the Charter of the United Nations has been so trampled so that the Southern Cameroons is at first a semblance of a federated state then two regions of the Republic of Cameroon (former French East Cameroon) independent since January 1, 1960, he We must look in the maneuvers of France to control this territory through its local "sub-prefects" that was Amadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya.

It is therefore France that has blocked any accession of Southern Cameroons, formerly a trust territory of the United Nations, to independence, as Article 76-b of the United Nations Charter provided.France conceived the federally drafted federal constitution of 1961 submitted to the delegation of Southern Cameroons at the Foumban conference from July 17 to 22, 1961. When Ahidjo announced on May 6, 1972 to the National Assembly the next dismantling of the Federation, he has just stayed in Paris. The current Constitution of June 2, 1972, which established the unitary state, which was revised by the law of January 18, 1996, was concocted by the French constitutional expert Jacques Rousseau. Without the prior notice of Anglophones!

To manage the oil windfall in a more opaque way, France did not want Southern Cameroons to be an autonomous entity but a part of the Republic of Cameroon. So we had to prepare legal conditions for that. Hence the constitution of June 2, 1972. All those Cameroonians, both the man on the street as intellectuals, politicians, actors of civil society, journalists and historians who sing in chorus the government chorus of a Cameroon one and indivisible, all those Cameroonians who speak of "Northwest" and "Southwest" of Cameroon and refuse to believe that these two regions are basically an independent state, are in fact the game of the La France.

If France considers Southern Cameroons as its property and part of the Republic of Cameroon today, it is also thanks to England. Did not General de Guaulle, in September 1961, consider this territory a "gift that the Queen of England has offered us" (no doubt thanks to his oil)?Go see why at the United Nations General Assembly on October 16, 1959, André Cohen, representative of England at the United Nations removed the independence option plebiscite while the latter was voted 67% by the representatives of Southern Cameroons at the pre-plebiscite conference of Mamfé from 10 to 11 August 1959. Go and understand why the secretary of the colonies of Great Britain told the representatives of Southern Cameroons around 1960 that he could not grant them the complete independence because it is not part of the trusteeship (which is a lie under Article 76-b of the UN Charter!). The deal with France had already been sealed!

That is why Anglophones must fight to defend their right of self-determination, to reclaim this territory that has been taken away from them because the present Republic of Cameroon, which wants to be "one and indivisible", is the result of a joke: on one side the Republic of Cameroon (formerly a Trust Territory) independent on 1 January 1960 and recognized at the United Nations on 20 September 1960, on the other hand another former United Nations trusteeship but whose independence was denied to the United Nations populations in violation of the United Nations Charter in Article 76-b and several UN resolutions in connection with the unconditional independence of the colonies and other Trust Territories, including Resolution 1514 of 14 December 1960.

In a nutshell Because of the resources of their soil and subsoil, the Anglophones of Southern Cameroons who enjoyed relative autonomy before October 1, 1961 were phagocyted, their territory conquered by the neighboring Republic of Cameroon (French colony) and then exploited without their right of inspection, their institutions (Parliament, Prime Ministry) destroyed, their political parties and unions dissolved, their economic fabric sacked. In short, France via the Republic of Cameroon has conquered the Southern Cameroons for geopolitical purposes, even violating international law and the right of the English-speaking people to self-determination, also called in English right to self-determination. Hence the legitimacy of the struggle of this people at this time because no people in the world can accept to have lived as a state to become regions of another state. No!