Friday, August 30, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa (Minister of Basic Education): "In no country in the world except with the Taliban and the secessionists of Cameroon, we did not tackle education"

The guest of the newspaper of 13 August 27 August 2019 on the national post of the CRTV calls to separate the school of political ambitions.

Back to school on September 2, 2019 in the South West and North West regions is a concern for the government. He launched a campaign to return to school despite the threats and maneuvers of secessionist activists and fighters. The Minister of Basic Education expanded on the subject in an interview with the National Post on August 27, 2019.

Taking stock of the past school year Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa reported a "return to normal" in the Far North and East. "Today, it is a matter of sensitizing all the actors so that they try to overcome the fear, that they go to encourage their children, in a word to accompany their children to the school". Referring to the situation of the English-speaking regions, he spoke of a "very heavy" liability in basic education. With more than 150 schools "completely damaged" or transformed into centers, rear bases of refugees or rear bases of terrorists.

"This situation has been progressive and we have arrived today at something unimaginable. In no country in the world except with the Taliban and the secessionists of Cameroon, have we tackled education. It is a sad challenge for Cameroon to have this. We sincerely believe that all Cameroonians have an interest in getting back together. "

The Minister of Basic Education calls on all to separate the school from political ambitions. He notes that there are now several categories of children in the Northwest and Southwest. He quotes child soldiers in the secessionist ranks, those who can not go to school take refuge with their parents, "where there is a semblance of security". And finally those who have fled this activity, becoming unemployed or enrolling in schools in undisturbed areas.

Minister Etoundi Ngoa notes that the "going back to school" operation must raise awareness among the education community in the North West and South West regions.