Friday, August 16, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: French Cameroun soldier arrested in Akak

Southern Cameroons Restoration forces have reportedly arrested a Cameroon government soldier in Akak village in Obang Local Government, Manyu County. The soldier who hails from Manyu but is serving with the intelligence unit of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) travelled to Akak and requested to meet the chief of the village.

Our source in Ossing hinted that the serviceman told the traditional authority that he wanted to acquire land in the village. Asked why he had to come to Akak-a locality he had never visited before at this difficult time in the history of the country. The Cameroun military officer claimed that he was planning to get into farming when he retires.

It was during the interrogation process at the chief’s palace that a lady identified him as a soldier and hinted a regiment of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces operating in the area who stormed the palace opened fire with unspecified weapons and ferried him away to an unknown destination.

We understand Akak harbours a major camp grouping Southern Cameroons Defense Forces from both Manyu and Ndian County. The soldier had been sent there to gather information that will help the Cameroon government army locate the Ambazonia camps.

The Cameroon government army said that it had shelled a number of Ambazonian camps in Manyu controlled by the Odeshi Warriors. Eyumojock sub constituency in Manyu has been under a crippling land blockade by French Cameroun government forces since the Southern Cameroons crisis started some three years ago.

By Rita Akana