Thursday, August 1, 2019

Again: Chantal Biya 'loses herself' and attacks the wife of Malachie Manaouda

It heats the CERAC (circle of friends of Chantal Biya), Chantal Biya asks explanations to the wife of the Minister of Public Health, Malachie Manaouda.

The wrath of Paul Biya's wife, the chosen thief, is breathtakingly violent. Her last adrenaline rush is against the wife of the brilliant Minister of Public Health, Chimene Manaouda, whom she accuses of wanting to shame her through her raids in hospitals in the country under various pretexts.

Chantoux has appointed the assistant director of the presidency of the Republic, his faithful Oswald Baboké, the man whom some see as the successor of Paul Biya, the very one who is promised a bright future in the probable hypothesis of departure of the Presidency of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, to signify to the latter his deep dissatisfaction.

Before changing her mind, Chantal Biya, who regularly puts her emotions before reason, had even considered her exclusion from the CERAC delegation to visit Dimako recently for the inauguration of the Center for the Promotion of Women and the Built and Equipped Family. by Cerac in honor of his mother, Rosette Marie Ndongo Mengolo wife Mboutchouang.

The mother of Junior and Brenda now expects, according to our sources to the Presidency of the Republic, that Linda Yang (Cerac) and Aisha Motaze (Chantal Biya Foundation) invite the wife of the Minister of Public Health, to behave like the other women of the high personalities of the Republic. For anyone who knows the rancor of Chantoux, as much as saying that the mass is said for her!

But no one can say how far can go the anger that makes the rain and the good weather in Cameroon. Chantal Biya, This Leila Trabelsi coupled with a Grace Mugabe can at any time ask her old husband Paul Biya to also dismiss Manaouda Malachie who is so far one of the best ministers of health in 36 years of power of the dictator genocidal of Yaoundé: Paul Biya.