Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A dark CIA project for Paul Biya throws Etoudi into panic

Washington is very concerned about Cameroon's political future. The US President after very intense discussions with the US State Department has decided to overthrow President Paul Biya, this information is from the newspaper Modecna New.

This fortnightly report, citing his contacts in the US State Department's African office, reveals that the White House has ordered the CIA, the Pentagon, and other agencies to develop a combination of economic measures, diplomacy and secrecy to achieve this goal.

The Trump administration is not planning military strikes, but top US State Department officials have told President Trump that Paul Biya, now 86, is now a security threat to the Gulf of Guinea. must be "suppressed", even if France refuses to consent to the mission, mentions the newspaper.

According to the same newspaper, a US Army official serving in the African Command of the United States (Africom) was heard whispering in private that it was no longer a debate about whether to rid of the Cameroonian leader.

Some sources cited by this newspaper report that any campaign led by the United States against the regime of Paul Biya will be very fast and virtually without losses. Nevertheless, the paper continues, experts from the CEMAC region who are following the deterioration of the situation in Cameroon, have all expressed that by breaking its military cooperation with Yaounde, and pushing the Germans to do as much, it has already been decided to to force Biya to leave power. It remains now how and when, concludes Modecna New.