Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Urgent: Twenty elites of Paul Biya land in Switzerland!

Jean Kueté, who learned the troubles and misfortunes of his "God" in Switzerland, comes to the head of a delegation of about twenty RDPC barons, to take a seat on board a regular flight of the airline Air La France.

Arrival planned in Paris, around 6h 50 minutes. We ask the special squadrons of the emergency force of rapid reaction, to kindly reserve to these luminaries, a committee of reception corresponding to the respects which are due to them, launches Jean-Pierre Du Pont on its wall.

This information is confirmed by airport services. The French Anti-Sardinards Brigade, whose intelligence services were already aware of this arrival, said that the delegation was led by the two pillars of the ruling party, Jean Nkuete, the same one who signed a satanic pact with Paul Biya. and who filed his candidacy file with ELECAM for the last presidential election;but also another brain, Gregory Owona, the man of the trunks and the perilous missions of the dictator.

The Anti-Sardinards Brigade of Paris immediately reacted to this provocation on its territory. Without a shadow of a doubt, the hunt will be launched sooner or later, before their departure to Geneva, where their boss Paul Biya is maintained as a prisoner.

Reporter: Remy Ngono