Friday, July 5, 2019

The Voice Francophone Africa: Hiro coach, the news divides the internet

The French singer of Congolese origin will now be among the coaches of the African music program "The Voice Francophone Africa"

Which coach will leave "The Voice Francophone Africa" ​​we do not know yet.But all we know is that the Congolese singer Bana group C4 will join the big family The Voice Africa.

This news has apparently not been well received by fans who believe that Hiro does not have enough experience to fill this position. "Meiway, koffi olomide, Angeline Kidjo, Salif Keita etc. all those deserve it but hiro is too young no experience even Fally ipupa will do the trick but huh it's just marketing in his favor pffff". Write a user

For those who do not know him, Hiro is the leader of the group "Bana C4. The young singer already has two albums on the market, the most recent of which was released "Erratum" was released a short time ago.