Thursday, July 4, 2019

Switzerland: In Geneva, Paul Biya's private stay turns into a nightmare

Paul Biya's trip to Swiss territory, already disturbed by the activists of the BAS, knows new twists with the arrest of six elements of his security.

Before leaving Cameroon on 23 June 2019 with his wife for a "short private stay in Europe" , Paul Biya had spent 9 months in Cameroon without making any trip abroad. Which is a record in a country where the Head of State is often in the news for his regular journeys and considered expensive on the old continent.

Perhaps the President of the Republic and his entourage had a premonition. In just a week and a half spent in Geneva at the luxurious Intercontinental hotel, the presidential stay has turned into a nightmare.

All started on 25 June, an unexpected demonstration of militants of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade (BAS), who are introduced into the hotel where the presidential couple stay, flying flags of Cameroon and chanting messages hostile to the power of Yaounde. Immediately, a clash took place with the security elements of Paul Biya.

Despite these incidents, other activists reoffended the next day, June 26. This time it was in the presence of the journalist Adrian Krause RTS, public radio and television office in Switzerland. And it is at this level that the other boredom of the Head of State occurs. Brother reported being molested by members of the presidential security that would have seized his work equipment and personal effects.

Following his complaint, six people, including 5 men and 1 woman, all of the security of the President of the Republic, were arrested and placed in provisional arrest on July 2, a statement of the prosecutor of Geneva. After hearing them, the statement said, the woman, carrying a diplomatic passport, was released, but the five men available to prosecutors.

An advertisement that Paul Biya would have done well, especially at a time when Swiss MPs, in their majority, have signed a petition to ask him to leave their territory. To this must be added the noisy demonstration of the members of BAS on June 29th. A subject has been treated by several major media such as ABC television or the Washington Post in the United States that talk about the unpopularity of the Cameroonian president in Geneva.