Saturday, July 6, 2019

Succession of Biya: Franck Biya the sacrificial lamb

For some months now, some recalcitrant Zealots and ethno-fascist hooligans circulate on social networks, including Facebook, misinformation about the pseudo heirs of the President of the Republic. In recent days, their targets are now Mr FRANCK BIYA son of Patriarch Biya Paul and Mr Oswald Baboké Director of the Deputy Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic (DCCA). Both are young Cameroonians, not suffering from any eligibility under the laws of our country Cameroon. Except that there is no question for these apprentices wizards to inform Cameroonians, but it is for them to cause some general discontent of the Cameroonian people in this sensitive period of our country. They do not skimp on any occasion to sow chaos at all prices in our country.

In order to bring certain emotional opponents back to reality, it was important for us who strive to remain objective to make the following clear:

With respect to the presidential office, any Cameroonian citizen fulfilling the legally prescribed conditions has the right and the latitude to compete for the seat of President of the Republic, without ethnic or religious differentiation.

So, throwing Mr. FRANCK BIYA and / or Mr. Oswald Baboké to the popular vengeance to testify a supposed support to some of your opposition leaders will not be of any use to you because, it contributes more to demonstrate to the face of the world your immaturity coupled with an incomparable populism. This once again brings to light the bad faith that lives every day a little more.

Moreover, the presidential elections have passed since October 07, 2018, Cameroon has a President of the Republic and, waiting for another mandate of 07 years, you have the moral obligation, citizen and republican to leave those who have not yet declared themselves candidates for anything to quietly go about their business as is the case for all Cameroonian citizens.

At no time do we remember either Adam's or Eve's candidacy, or even a simple wish expressed by these two (02) Cameroonians for a presidential office.

Doing politics differently does not mean digging up corpses, but working to earn the trust and credibility of Cameroonian women and men.

NB: "Do you want change?" Yes, we also want this change of all our wishes, so let's all start preparing for the legislative and municipal elections, or even Senate elections to make things change and move the lines. is like this in all major democracies, when we say we are democrats, we do not access change through dictatorship, intolerance, political violence, weapons or identity controversy to sow chaos and desolation. pretends not to love a people by carrying out acts of terrorism whose only objectives are to kill the same people "

Reporter: Ménard Hervé Mbapou