Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Regina Daniels openly threatened by her son-in-law, Emzy Nwoko

Emzy Ned Nwoko continues to express his dissatisfaction after his father's wedding with Nigerian actress Regina Daniels.

Since Regina Daniels married billionaire Ned Nwoko, 59, she is confronted by her son-in-law, who has decided to make her life bitter.

On his account Instagram, the young man attacked the actress, asking him not to take his father to nightclubs.

"Madame let my old father rest. Please, stop taking it in a box, it does not rejuvenate anymore. Stop stressing this man. If you do not value his life, we do not care what he did in the past.

He might not complain because he wants to make you feel loved, but believe me, he does not appreciate that lifestyle. You even smoke in his presence, something you can not do in front of your own father ... I do not know your goal, but know that it will not work. I wish he was still young for all this, "he wrote.

Source: afrikmag.com