Friday, July 26, 2019

Paul Biya extended the mandate of the deputies

The elected members of the lower house will remain in office at least until the end of December 2019.

The information is almost unnoticed. However, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, has extended since July 19, 2019, the term of the deputies of the 8th legislature.

"The mandate of the deputies of the National Assembly is extended for a period of two (02) months, from October 29, 2019," reads in the first article of the law signed by the Head of State. It is in fact a promulgation of the law passed during the last parliamentary session.

As a result, members will remain in office at least until December 29, 2019. Legislative elections will therefore not take place before that date.

This is the second extension of the current term of office of the elected members of the lower house of Parliament. This mandate had already been extended on July 11, 2018 for 12 months, until October 29, 2019.

The postponement of the legislative elections comes after a first postponement, that of the municipal elections. Paul Biya has indeed signed on July 15, a decree extending the mandate of municipal councilors until February 29, 2020.

Officially, no reason is advanced to justify these postponements. But they would be linked to the armed conflict in the northwestern and southwestern regions.