Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Kidnapping: Joshua Osih speaks against Fru Ndi's version

On the radio of Radio France International (RFI) last Saturday, Joshua Osih contradicted the version given by its national president on the identity of the kidnappers of the latter. For him, the procedure used during the second kidnapping of the Chairman is not the one used by Ambazonian secessionists.

The bi-weekly Newsstand on Monday, July 1, 2019 reports that on the second kidnapping of John Fru Ndi, his vice-president and he do not agree. The paper says the Chairman, unsurprisingly, describes his captors as part of a group of Ambazonian separatists. While, Joshua Osih, his vice president, on RFI contradicted this assertion and think that this is not the mode of operation of the separatists.

"On Saturday at RFI, Joshua Osih, deputy and vice-president of the SDF, said that most secessionist groups have disassociated themselves from this action ... We know that he was abducted at home, by masked men in plain clothes, with Kalashnikovs, which is not the normal modus operandi of Ambazonian secessionists, "said our colleague.

As soon as he was released, John Fru Ndi told RFI that "I heard some noise in the house, then a shot, I got up, I was in bed.They grabbed me and dragged me to the ground ... they released me at ten o'clock last night and I'm home now ... It was a group of Ambazonian separatists. They took pictures with me in the bush. They hoisted an Ambazonian flag and sang the Ambazonian national anthem".

Source: Cameroon-info.net