Sunday, July 14, 2019

How Kamto sent to walk the military magistrates in the pay of Biya

What did the military judges believe when they went to meet the eminent Law Clerk and international lawyer whom they have held captive for six months? That he would flatten himself at their sight in the hope that the military justice - which can not do anything other than bow to the unjust injunctions of the Minister of Defense (not the delegate, but the holder) to put under the irons those who dare to challenge his re-election methods-, be discerning for once?

It was to count without the iron will of the politician for whom the cause of the democratic alternation at the head of the State is of an issue for which no sacrifice is too much. He once again administered the evidence, while they went down to the prisons where are kept captive the presidential candidate, his political allies and militants of the MRC party of which he is the president of the National Directory.

It is right in his boots, that Maurice Kamto sent to walk those who thought to impress him with a so-called release of the people who, as well of de jure as de facto, should not or more be behind the bars , by indicating that it did not give them the opportunity to be judged by them unless they released the more than 500 persons arrested and imprisoned for having shown their support.

While the regime tried to umpire another judicial hold-up by sending his "justice" to take Maurice Kamto by surprise with a document he had to sign on a Friday evening, last working day of the week -so not leaving any possibility of dispute- , the imprisoned jurist made it clear to them that he would agree to face "the accusations of Paul Biya's regime in case this illegitimate regime releases all political prisoners", to use the words of our colleagues Norbert Tchana Ngante and Boris Bertolt who relayed the interview between the prisoner of the Cameroonian head of state and the armed arms of his executioner.

"Our sources indicate that he clearly pointed out to the military magistrates who came to see him that the statutes of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) are clear by indicating that it is the president of the party who answers in front of all the authorities for all that either, "write the journalists, adding that" This position of President-elect Maurice KAMTO comes as the illegitimate regime of the baker of Yaoundé, Paul Biya tries a new filouterie ... "