Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Here are those who Carry Paul Biya's life in their own hands

The elements of the Presidential Guard are fewer but better trained and better equipped. They have a preferential treatment of the presidency of the Republic. Also, it should be emphasized, that the key man of the security galaxy of Paul Biya is not Cameroonian. A major asset for Mayer Heres, retired general of the Israeli army. As a private law contractor, he escapes bureaucracy, including military. This privileged enjoys direct access to this president difficult to approach, even for his ministers. To dispose of his budgets, the Israeli does not care about the vicissitudes of the chain of expenditure of the Treasury. Special funds are allocated to him. Heres also has the upper hand on the presidential guard, a body of 2,000 men responsible for the protection of residences and securing presidential routes.

Advisor to the president in charge of security issues, Mayer Heres is the boss of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), the best-equipped and best-trained force in the country. The excellent results of this unit are worth it to be deployed on several operations: the securing of the Bakassi peninsula at the time; the fight against the road cutters; surveillance of 400 kilometers of the northern border with Nigeria to prevent infiltration of the terrorist Boko Haram sect. At the center of this device, the Israeli has the ear of the head of state, he sees alone. He only answers for him.

Created in 1985, the Presidential Guard was created after the dismantling of the Republican Guard which ensured the safety of President Ahidjo and who had been involved in the attempted overthrow of President Biya during the coup d'├ętat of April 6, 1984. On the contrary of the Republican Guard which was under the authority of the General Delegate to the Gendarmerie, the PM reports directly to the Head of State.

Source: 237online.com