Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Geneva: More Trouble for the Paul Biya Couple as Swiss deputies ask them again to leave their country

The Swiss MP, Sylvain Thevoz launched on June 29, 2019, a petition to demand the departure of the Cameroonian President, Paul Biya of the Swiss Confederation. "Paul Biya has nothing to do in Geneva," said the elected.

In just two days, the document has already collected nearly 10,770 signatures. Among the signatories, informs the website of World Africa , the majority of Swiss parliamentarians.

Its initiator, in a text published on the internet, declares: " We ask the Grand Council to invite the Council of State to declare Paul Biya persona non grata in Geneva and that this latter immediately begins discussions with the Federal Council so that Paul Biya is declared persona non grata in Switzerland as long as the money withdrawn from the Cameroonian people is not returned to him and the fundamental rights of the Cameroonian people guaranteed" .

Sylvain Thevoz relies on information from the very serious Mediapart, according to which "Paul Biya would rent an entire floor year in the hotel (Intercontinental) luxury Geneva for himself and fifty loved ones at the expense of the Cameroonian taxpayer . The money with which the dictator Paul Byia, in power for 36 years, pays his sumptuous stays in Geneva is withdrawn from his people. A night of Paul Biya and his entourage in Geneva would cost about 40'000 dollars (more than 23 million FCFA), not counting travel by plane, " protested the MP.

For the time being, it is difficult to know how much the Swiss authorities will reserve for this initiative. One thing is certain, it increases a little more pressure on the Head of State, in private stay in Geneva since 23 June. A trip already seriously disturbed by the militants of the famous Anti-Sardinards Brigade .