Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Do not call for help, tell Biya to just go back to Cameroon

Negotiations are not organized to solve Cameroon's problems in Geneva, where Felix-Roland Moumié was poisoned. When you are a great statesman, "beggar of peace", we organize a DIALOGUE between all the children of Cameroon in Cameroon!


- When I denounce by doing investigative work on multiple subjects of intolerable mismanagement:

- scandals residences of the ambassador of Cameroon in France,

- occupation of housing at the expense of the State by families,

- Illegal sale of State property in France,

- Mebe Ngo'o case...

You take no concrete action. You do not mention it in your "governmental" media.What the ministers questioned is to ask "how can we fire on Moundé"?

- When we talk to the Collective More Never It's the serious dysfunctions of the health system, these funds dilapidated, in hotels or missions abroad including Switzerland, which can help finance the 1800 billion Universal Health Cover, the need for our leaders to work to develop a health system to heal in Cameroon, in the first place the President of the Republic.. You do not care. It's chatter. It is vain. To lambo, zero.

- When Cameroonians from the Diaspora create, organize and develop useful projects and ideas for Cameroon, you do not put them on the front page of the "government" newspapers and media...

- When they organize peaceful demonstrations and citizen initiatives on the resolution of the so-called Anglophone crisis, the release of the political prisoners, they do not deserve your Unes on the "radical groups of the Diaspora".

But, when Cameroonians, followers of the direct action, who do not calculate, do not speak long French, no longer have time to turn around the bush, to embark on "structural proposals", launch their assaults in Geneva, you call me for reactions and interventions to call for "living together, at the height and the defense of the Institutions".

Why does the house have to burn for you to look for water at 6,000 km? Why do not you learn from the past? Why there are only those who claim that "tarnish the image of Cameroon? Thousand times why?

Like Momo, I drink my palm wine.And concentrates on the essential: the conditions of the Dialogue, the fight against tribalism, the conditions for a Transition for a New Cameroon, the House of Cameroonians in France, the African Renaissance...

So, as usual, regulate by force, arrogance and denial of problems that are so simple. the next general fight to make your Unes!

Journalist: Abdelaziz Moundé Njimbam