Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Demonstration in Geneva: Mouelle Kombi denounces a crime of lèse-majesté

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education has stepped on the niche to denounce the desecration of the institution Paul Biya.

The presidential trip to Geneva is resisting, in a noisy and multifaceted news. Each day adds a new reaction in what is now called the "Geneva Case". Did the BAS demonstration, which opposed the presence of the Cameroonian presidential couple in Switzerland, have an influence on the president's agenda?We were used to long stays of the presidential couple in Europe.

This concern reinforces the journal Défis Actuels which mentions the "unexpected return of Paul Biya". In private stay in Geneva since June 23, the President of the Republic returned to Yaounde last Friday, the eve of another movement of mood, that heard some Cameroonians in the diaspora. The presidential couple returns to Cameroon after a 12-day Swiss holiday, which will not have been for them, a long calm river. Since his arrival in Geneva, the stay of the President of the Republic was shaken by the demonstrations of elements of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade who protested against his presence in Switzerland.

All things that caused the ire in the local political landerneau. Like the elites of the western region, deputies of the national assembly from the south, Professor Mouelle Kombi, Minister of Sports and Physical Education has just broken the silence to invite himself in the media. The Messenger indicates that "Mouelle Kombi responds to the Anti Sardinards Brigade".For the Minister of Sports, Biya represents an institution that can not be profaned.For Professor Kombi, the acts perpetrated recently in Geneva against President Paul Biya, by a small group claiming the Bas, are intolerable and inadmissible.

Source: Camer.be