Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Chaoses in Geneva: in Kribi, the BAS now red listed!

It was last Friday (June 28, 2019), to protest these movements against the Head of State in Switzerland.

In today's issue, the daily InfoMatin reports that, Kribi expresses his disappointment. The people of this city walked on June 28, to express their discontent with the behavior of some Cameroonians living in Switzerland. "The people of Kribi marched Friday, June 28 to condemn the acts of vandalism perpetrated on June 25, 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland by individuals of the Anti-Sardinard Brigade," the newspaper said.

The newspaper also said that the marchers had placards on which one could read: "Stop the disorder!";"Cameroon has its President, let's respect it!" "Yes to the responsible diaspora".

Our colleague notes that, according to the writings on the walkers' placards, "the true patriots are those who have remained and suffered the context of the country. To them the arguments and the legitimacy of the political alternation.

This march of the populations of the city of Kribi intervenes in a turbulent context, where the Anti-Sardinard Brigade undertook to make life difficult for Paul Biya and his wife. On June 25th, protesters broke into the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel, where the presidential couple live.

But despite the march of the inhabitants of this city of South Cameroon, it did not prevent that the mega march scheduled for Saturday, June 29 takes place.Although, instead of 20,000 protesters as announced in their various communications on social networks, only "some 250" protesters from various European countries have responded, in front of the European headquarters of the United Nations, and not far from Intercontinental hotel, their main target.

Source: cameroon-info.net