Monday, July 1, 2019

Chaoses in Geneva: BAS beat the Indomitable Lions

We all agree last weekend was a very eventful weekend, between the protests of the BAS against the Biya regime and the match of the indomitable lions. But it is clear that the event in Geneva had more visibility compared to the match of the lions in Egypt. Let's analyze this event objectively:

It is clear that by treaties international diplomatic agreements, the Swiss authorities are obliged and have the obligation to protect any president in exercise on its territory if its security is threatened, it is not an option but an obligation. That's why the Swiss security forces were in the place of the demonstration. And this is by no means a victory either. But just a simple application of treaty clauses to international diplomatic agreements.

I will give you another example to better explain what I am saying here. We all know that the US and North Korea are two enemy countries that have not stopped swearing at one another. But this did not prevent Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader, from securing Donald Trump's security on his territory despite the fact that these two countries are sworn enemies. Because treaties and international diplomatic agreements oblige. And that's exactly what Switzerland did to protect Paul Biya.

Now, are we talking about the failure of BAS?

Stemming from all the foregoing, in particular the obligation of the application of the international treaties and diplomatic agreements of the host country. It is clear that the BAS had no chance to capture Paul Biya in Geneva as some people said on social networks, really no chance. It remains to be seen if this was even their goal. I do not think so, because these guys are much smarter than we think. And they know very well that the clauses of international diplomatic agreements would force Switzerland to protect Paul Biya. And as a result any political analyst warns any further that the purpose of the BAS was other than to capture Paul Biya. But which of the objectives? That of putting into orbit and on the fire of the media of the whole world the situation of Cameroon under the dictatorship of the Biya regime, especially in this period of serious post-electoral and political crisis that crosses Cameroon at the moment. And there it can be said that they have largely succeeded their coup. Because since last Thursday all the media of the whole world speak about it, the written and digital press, the television newscasts etc ... of the whole world have made BAS one of their information.

Synthesis and conclusion:

I would have done without this chapter of sythesis and conclusion, but knowing the Cameroonians ... they would show a feeling of incomplete analysis, so I give my sythesis and conclusion to me.

The big winner of this event in Geneva is nothing but the camp of Cameroonians who want regime change in our country.Because once again they managed to remind the world that Cameroon's political and social situation is not good.And honestly it was a stroke of genius on the part of these guys from BAS.

Reporter: Said Farabor