Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Cameroon - Paul Biya's stay in Switzerland: BAS activists announce new actions as of today, July 2, 2019

After the demonstrations of July 29, 2019, activists of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade (BAS) return to the charge. Boris Berthold, influential member of this organization of Cameroonians of the diaspora opposed to the regime of Yaounde, announces on his Facebook page, new actions as of Tuesday, July 2; the aim being to shorten Paul Biya's private stay in Switzerland.

"Paul Biya is no longer at the Intercontinental de Genève but at the hotel of the reserve. He is not asked to change hotels but to return to Cameroon. He can not accept that people are illegally tortured, arrested in facies, detained for their opinions and believe that he will find peace in Europe. It would be unfair to accept it. We can not sow hatred in his and pretend to want to be happy, free and holy abroad, "says the former journalist of the daily newspaper Le Jour et Mutations.

"That's why it takes an Operation 20000 phone call a day on the hotel's residence. From tomorrow (Tuesday, July 2, 2019) we will publish the lines of Swiss embassies of the government where you will call to express your anger, "warns Boris Berthold.

The activists of the BAS have been heard last Saturday by demonstrating very loudly a few meters from the hotel Intercontinental Geneva. Despite some clashes with the police, no major incident was reported. The Geneva police speak of 250 people who were present at the event.

Actions condemned by the government and its allied parties for whom these events tarnish the "brand image" of Cameroon abroad.