Sunday, July 14, 2019

Attack of the ambassador in Paris: the 'general WANTO' is summoned by the Paris prosecutor

This is an important turning point in the ongoing political battle in Cameroon. The President of the Council of Cameroonians of the Diaspora (CCD), General WANTO is summoned to the Paris prosecutor to be notified of the charges against him. The complaint was filed by the Cameroonian Embassy in Paris.

This is an important turning point because Maurice KAMTO and the members of the coalition have been arrested since January 28th for the breaking of the embassies. How is it that while they already had their culprit, the State of Cameroon still complained? The dictatorship is simply back to the wall.

But luck is good. We will use the WANTO trial to try the dictatorship of Paul Biya in the streets of Paris. We will demonstrate with the photos of the genocide in the English-speaking area, the arrest of Maurice KAMTO and Ayuk SISSUKU TABE as well as all the other political prisoners.We will still remind the French that their government condemns a genocide in Cameroon in the 21st century.

Nothing is finished until it's over. To have the history of the attacks of the embassies, why it is WANTO who is aimed and the proofs of the plot will read my book:

Reporter: Boris Bertolt