Monday, July 1, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Mbah Ndam Makes Shocking Revelations About Fru Ndi’s Abduction

The kidnap and subsequent release of Ni John Fru Ndi, National Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF party, is still making waves hours after he regained freedom.

Social media has been awash with photos of Fru Ndi showing his bruises and wounds. Even as the dust is about settling, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, Vice President of the National Assembly and SDF Legal Adviser says Fru Ndi was kidnapped by armed separatists lodged in a camp in Alabukam, a neighbourhood in Mankon, Bamenda II Subdivision.

Kidnapped by armed men Friday, June 28, 2019 at about 3:30pm, Cameroon’s fiery opposition leader Fru Ndi regained his freedom at 9:30pm Saturday, June 29, 2019 after about 30 hours in custody.

He was dragged out of his Ntarinkon residence in Bamenda Friday afternoon by armed men as he was about eating to take his medication, SDF officials said.

It should be noted that Fru Ndi had just returned from the hospital and was taking lunch to take his drugs when gunmen forced their way into his house, shot the leg of one of his bodyguards and dragged him away.

Speaking on Saturday with an Ambazonia activist called Sikod, hours before Fru Ndi was freed; Mbah Ndam said his investigations suggest that Fru Ndi was kidnapped by Ambazonia fighters camped in Alabukam. The audio conversation has gone viral on social media.

Mbah Ndam denied claims that the abduction was carried out by state forces, insisting that the armed men who carried out the act belong to the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) of Lucas Ayaba Cho.

“…Those are Amba Boys. I have done my investigations. I am prepared to talk out. The chairman was in the hands of the Amba boys of Alabukam who belong to the ADF.

“I have been a representative of the people and immediately the national chairman was nowhere to be found, I started an investigation on my own until I was told that he is in the hands of the ADF. And I called the leader of the Alabukam camp whose number I can communicate to you. I talked with him and asked him to release the national chairman.

“And the argument he was giving me is that they of Alabukam at one point went to Baba to open a camp there and the chairman said he did not want them to open a camp. But subsequently, that they were attacked by the soldiers and one of them was killed and their ammunition taken away. These are the declarations from the leader of the Alabukam camp.

“He told me to call him at 7:00am Saturday morning and at exactly 7:00am, I called him and he picked the phone and told me that he will call me back. But after sometime, his phone went off and I was unable to get in contact with him.”

Quizzed by Sikod if it is not the elements of the Cameroon military that want to frame up the ADF, Mbah Ndam was categorical:

"No, I don’t want issues to be mixed up. I am not talking on secondhand talk. I am somebody who has lived as a representative of the people and I know a numbder of the people who lead the camps. And this particular one, I know he is the general  in charge of Alabukam.

"If this government wanted to take our excellency  Ni John Fru Ndi, they would do it differently. They would invite him to Yaounde and take him to the judicial police.

"Tell the secretary general of Ayaba Cho’s faction to let them release the national chairman of the SDF."

Sikod claimed that "Amba boys generally do not arrest, they do not abduct for any reason. And for this singular act by a camp that has not done anything in this struggle of ours, we believe that they are not our boys and may not be working for this revolution."

Despite Sikod's claims, Mbah Ndam insisted that Amba boys kidnapped Fru Ndi. "I am not accusing all the amba boys. I am saying that it is the alabukam camp.

"Fru Ndi is in very poor health and it hurts me before I come out to speak like this. I speak after my investigations. Everybody is very angry with what has happened."