Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Honourable Wirba Joseph, Tells Separatists They Wronged By Creating A Government

Honourable Wirba Joseph, former SDF MP who went on self-exile to Europe has told secessionists that the first error they made was to create a so-called government.

He made this observation during a Conference in London, that brought together members of the Southern Cameroon’s National Council. The runaway MP shamed leaders of the ongoing unrest in the North West and South West regions, for deception and disunity.

“ The original sin of this revolution was the formation of that thing you call a government. ..I hear you now have two Presidents. See how you set confusion among yourselves.”, said Wirba.

The former SDF MP for Jakiri constituency called the impeachment of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe “nonsense”, stating that the decision to remove Ayuk by the interim government, was an error that has set confusion and conflict.

“You wanted freedom, but started with people who were already administrators? You are so disunited, united in telling lies”, cried the MP.

In a recent video, he regretted that, Ambazonia leaders had lied to those in the North West and South West they had restored the independence of Southern Cameroons, challenging them to prove it.

He revealed that he had been contacted by the Sisiku led government to take over the revolution but he declined, saying that the imprisonment of Sisiku was already an indirect impeachment.

According to the activist, even after the arrest of Sisiku, the leaders abroad had been creating imaginary structures which makes them to fight each other instead of focusing on the task at hand. He however called on then to tell the truth to the suffering masses.

Hon. Wirba in 2016, blasted the government of Cameroon during a session of the National Assembly, for ignoring the sufferings of English speaking Cameroonians.

In a video which circulated over social media, he was applauded by many Anglophones for representing them well in parliament. He later on went on self exile and has been spotted with some secessionists.