Thursday, July 11, 2019

Anglophone crisis: Fru Ndi to play mediator with separatists

This information is contained in one of the 16 resolutions taken in Yaoundé on June 9, 2019 during the National Executive Committee. An important resolution of the NEC passed almost unnoticed.

It is written in extenso in this resolution, the National Executive Committee "... Reiterates our proposal made in Bamenda through the Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, during his recent visit to Bamenda, requesting that it be solicited through our National President , Neither John Fru Ndi, to negotiate a ceasefire in the civil war in the Northwest and Southwest to pave the way for inclusive dialogue on the Anglophone problem ... "The information was going to pass unnoticed and some would say, "we said this case" because we do not understand that the Chairman is arrested several times and released immediately, unlike other personalities who were kidnapped and we do not know if they are alive or not.

It is to be said if there is not a kind of complicity between Ni john Fru Ndi and your extremists of the Anglophone crisis. What is certain and certain is that they know each other and he has been asked each time to resign his deputies in the National Assembly. Today, it can be said bluntly, that the Chairman can effectively play this role, so that we leave this war that has already lasted three years and has already decimated many compatriots and destroyed many families, with consequences incalculable.

To avoid the English genocide

This resolution, like many others, went unnoticed and the media did not make the case as it is customary every time the National Executive Comity (NEC) meets. On the other hand certain resolutions were relayed by the press; like those who call on the government not to hold elections until the crisis is over, reminds those who advocate the use of the state apparatus to exterminate all the people of the Noso that they will be held responsible for state crimes and genocide committed in the English-speaking area.

Another equally important resolution calls for a transitional government to be put in place to resolve this civil war that is destroying the nation's bedrock, given that the Biya regime has clearly shown that it is part of the problem for which he is held entirely responsible. In addition, the NEC protests against the Biya government's campaign to discourage foreign intervention in Cameroon and reminds Cameroon's friends of their right to prevent and protect the people from genocide in the English-speaking regions of our country.

Such were some of the resolutions taken on the life of the nation. Other resolutions concerning the life of the party state that the mandate of the Executive Bureau of the electoral district of Douala 1 with President Edimo Samè Yves will go to completion, maintains the validation of the elections in Douala 4, confirms the city ​​councilor Tchabnda David as president of the Douala 2 constituency until the final decision which will take place after the opinion on the disciplinary file transmitted to the legal department of the party.