Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon Government Shaken, On Hot Seat As US Congress Delegation Visits

A delegation of US congress members are in Cameroon to evaluate the devastating effects of the sociopolitical crisis in the North West and South West regions, with a focus on humanitarian concerns.

The delegation led by Karen Bass held a meeting with humanitarian organisations in Cameroon, where they evaluated the situation of needs in the domains of welfare, education, feeding, security as the crisis worsens in both Anglophone regions.

Speaking to reporters on Monday July 1 in Yaoundé, at the head office of the United Nations Refugee agency, the US congress representative said she had met with these humanitarian organisations, on assistance from the United States and the Cameroon government, as well as other development partners to the suffering masses of the North West and South West.

She reiterated her government's willingness to continue supporting Cameroon to find lasting solutions to the ongoing unrest in the Anglophone regions.

"We really wanted to come here, to let the people of Cameroon know that we are very concerned about the situation here and we are supportive of the people of Cameroon especially in terms of seeking solutions to the revolution. The US is already providing tremendous support to the country. We are concerned about humanitarian assistance , if they are accessible…”, said the Congress woman.

This visit comes after some four members of the congress appealed to the Congress to push its government to cut down all forms military assistance to Cameroon, until its problems are solved.