Friday, July 5, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon army released new Communiqué, confirms sudden 'disappearance' of 10 soldiers

Published by camerounWeb in the early afternoon of yesterday, information on the assassination of at least 09 military soldiers in the Southwest by secessionist elements has been confirmed by the high command of the 'army.

In a statement signed by Lieutenant-Colonel Lazare ANARA, the army said that the Ambazone fighters attacked the heavy and automatic weapon with 13 soldiers on board. According to the same statement, searches that continued late into the night from Wednesday to Thursday have found 03 survivors. The other 10 elements are, for the time being, missing.

It should be noted that the secessionists announced that they captured one soldier and killed another 09 during the attack.

This new development coincides with the visit of a delegation of members of the American Congress in the two English-speaking regions. Received by Prime Minister Dion Ngute, the delegation led by Kareen Bass invited both parties to the dialogue.

Below the statement of the Cameroonian army