Sunday, July 14, 2019

Ambazonia: We want our children to go to school - Chris Anu

Chris Anu, secretary of communication and informatics for the Interim Federal Government of Ambazonia, said he strongly supports the resumption of schools in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.

"We want our children to go back to school, in fact, we would rather go to school than in the bushes and refugee camps," said Anu, presenting the position of the provisional government of Ambazonia. on the theme of the resumption of studies.

According to Anu, "the closure of schools in southern Cameroon three years after the start of the fight for restoration should not be interpreted as a policy of this interim government".

In an undated press release made public on July 13, 219, Anu writes, "If we could follow our example, all the schools would be open and functioning." At the beginning of last year, we stated unequivocally that we were favoring the resumption of classes as much as parents and school authorities could determine for themselves that the safety of children and teachers was not threatened.

"Today, as we approach another school season, we hear voices calling for a resumption of studies on our territory. We want to reaffirm that our position compared to last year has not changed.We want our children to go to school. In fact, we would prefer them to be in school rather than in bushes and refugee camps.

"However, the problem we are facing is that it is not in our power to guarantee their safety if they go back to school, with tens of thousands of Cameroonian French soldiers occupying our streets, our cities and our towns. villages, bursting into houses, shooting Killing indiscriminately, especially young people and adolescents, only French Cameroon can guarantee this security.

"Where do children return to prepare for school when parents no longer have children? Of house? Besides the absence of a house, the streets are not saved, nor the schools themselves. More and more people, including children, are being killed every day by the soldiers, "Anu allegedly

concludes:" Due to these circumstances, the interim government of Ambazonia can not guarantee that the children will return to their homes. school without the ability to guarantee safety and security and we do not advise a parent seeing child circumstances in danger. "

Anu says that their immediate solution / suggestion is that the UN, and UNESCO in particular, should facilitate back to school in southern Cameroon.

" We called on the United Nations to declare the whole southern Cameroon / Ambazonia buffer zone - urge the soldiers to withdraw, our restoration forces open the break, with the UN or ECOWAS peacekeeping forces providing security, We need to provide UNESCO with our ready-to-start curriculum to facilitate learning until the end of the negotiations, "Anu writes, adding that" UNESCO is reputed to have done this in other war-torn areas. We are quite ready for this collaboration. see our schools once again reopened to learn. "

Anu says:" This is the only option that ensures the safety of children returning to class. This is our position regarding back to school in southern Cameroon / Ambazonia. We can guarantee that schools will resume the next day that the UN facilitates such security measures that protect our children when they go to school. "