Sunday, June 30, 2019

'You can not replace an incompetent diet with a pack of madmen'

The demonstrations recorded yesterday in front of the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva in Switzerland against Paul Biya arouse strong reactions within the Cameroonian society.

Guest of the Sunday debate Elites Club, on the privately owned television channel Vision4, the economist Dieudonne Essomba has rebelled against his barbaric acts.

In his argument, the economist likens the Anti-sardinards Brigade to the political party of Maurice Kamto.

According to him, "The reactions of the BAS, are consecutive to what they call the electoral hold-up. And when the BAS manifests, it is in order to compel President Biya to leave power to Kamto? "

Dieudonne Essomba informs that the actions of this group of activist based in the diaspora result from a tiny part of the population of western Cameroon.

In this perspective, it is based on the call for calm launched by a college of elites in the region: "For what only the elite of the West has reacted ?? It is not a coincidence. We are not going to spend time hiding the words in hypocrisy. It is clear that part of the population of western Bamileke thought to see in Kamto, someone who could take power.But who can not swallow the fact that he did not do it. This is an extremely fanaticized group, I say ultra fanaticized for whom, taking power by Kamto is a matter of life and death?

"You can not replace an incompetent diet with a pack of crazy people," he reassures.

To conclude his remarks, the consultant of the chain of Amougou Belinga indicates that it is the liberties that offer the foreign countries, which animate this small group of the radicals: "? Since they have no means to demonstrate in Yaoundé nor even in the West, they take advantage of the freedoms that foreign countries offer to perpetrate acts. They understood yesterday that even these countries are organized. Yesterday, the whole world witnessed the barbaric and anti-civilized character of the BAS? "