Monday, June 10, 2019

Wum Massacre: University professor cries out and calls for peace

Professor Willibroad Dze-Ngwa, a political historian and elite from the North West Region, responded to the violence that took place in Wum last week. He presented on Facebook a message loaded with emotion entitled "My dear people, forgive, forget and learn lessons".

"After three nights and intense days of background discussions and very difficult negotiations, a semblance of relative calm is returning to my hometown, Wum. A very painful experience to see palaces destroyed by people who should protect them. A very unfortunate situation where brothers who grew up together for several years are engaged in hatred by murders and fires. A sad situation where our experienced army has become "helpless in front of babies with hammers and machetes.

A quasi-rehearsal of my spoiled New Year's Eve of 1981. May God keep us from this sad memory! It has rather shaped my crusade for peace. I'm sorry I'm not here to remind you that you are all wum people, whether you are Muslims or not.

You have been there for a long time, born in the same health districts, attended the same schools and colleges, sharing the same markets and sharing the same limited geographic space with our farms and cattle, despite all the obstacles. His characteristic hospitality has given us the beauty of who we are today. Religion never took into account our collective efforts to grow together. This should not be the case today!

I would have loved to be here to stop the massacres and the waste of people. No one has the right to kidnap, even the life of a mad man. Do you register a victory when you kill your brothers, burn their old parents and their homes? And what about our burned palaces? Is there a good reason for this? Are not these palaces the houses of your lords? I'm sorry I was not there to stop the fires because the army could not.

Such actions do not really register any win! Has the current crisis situation in this country been designed to separate us? My personal property has also been destroyed. My brother has just been released from captivity elsewhere! Believe me I forgave those who tried to hurt us in different ways. I am talking about those who killed my Muslim brothers; from those who killed my brothers Aghem, burned our houses and our palaces; even those who looked away and refused to stop them.

Join me to forgive them all! They do not know what they have done and can hardly imagine the multiplier effects of their actions. Forgive them! Remember that crimes are always committed. Our complaints and our melancholy will not stop them. We all need a peace that revolves around social justice. Remember that peace and conflict are two sides of the same coin. And peace must be built permanently with concrete actions.

Whether Christian or Muslim, Aghem, Bu, Esou, Mmen, Fulani, Mbororo or Haoussa;we must all become vectors of peace and reconciliation. It's our duty. In situations like this, we should forgive, forget and learn from our lessons. Do not waste your precious time in anger, regrets, worries and hatred. It will never return homes burned, humiliation and precious lives lost.

They will only hurt you and further complicate your thoughts. Anger and hate hurt. That's right, but love and forgiveness heal. It is also true! "Keep preaching and planting the seeds of peace. Take concrete steps to build such peace beyond religion, ethnicity, color, sex, language and form! I want to thank everyone who called for my intervention.

The calls came from far away. Thank you all for your personal commitments. We thank all those who make sincere efforts to build peace. We are all wrong when we are at war against each other. We are fine when we are at peace with each other. Emotions do not take our reason hostage.God bless you. "