Thursday, June 13, 2019

UPC crisis: Habiba Issa-Bapooh Lipot, the 'marriage' against nature

Last week was held in Douala a meeting of the Bureau of the Steering Committee of the Union of the Populations of Cameroon (UPC), on convocation of Habiba Issa, President elected at the last congress of this current of the historic party on October 09, 2017 to Yaounde.

To everyone's surprise, this meeting resulted in the choice, or rather, the recognition of MP Robert Bapooh Lipot, as Secretary General of the historic party, in place of Pierre Baléguel Nkot, elected to this position at the same Congress of 09 October 2017, now suspended.

It is important to note that the latter had led a meeting of the Bureau of the Steering Committee of the UPC on August 28, 2018, which had suspended President Habiba Issa. The two personalities deny to each other the power to take such sanctions against each other.

It is taking advantage of the cacophony within the faction of the UPC that the administration recognized until then, that with the approach of the presidential election of October 07, 2018, the Minister of the Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji , announced in a statement in July 2018, recognize as Secretary General of the UPC and therefore interlocutor for the government of this party, Robert Bapooh Lipot.

Since then, the various appeals brought before the Cameroonian justice by the members of the camp aggrieved by this communiqué, have given nothing until now.

It is therefore a priori taking into account the political reality or opportunism that Habiba Issa and his supporters, decided to make the Secretary General of their current upecist, the elected MP in Nyong and Kellé, yet excluded from the party by this trend then led by Victor Onana on May 08, 2016.

At that time, Robert Bapooh Lipot who has always considered himself Secretary General of another trend of the historical party since 2012, reacted through mathematical language stating that he did not belong to this group of UPC, which, in his view, had no quality to exclude it.

Joined by phone, Habiba Issa explains that his office after "bitter debates", finally decided to trust Robert Bapooh Lipot, to limit the splitting of the UPC with another Secretary General, and to have the possibility to have access to the accounts of the party, which receives a little more than 20 million francs from the State each year, as public funding of political parties since the legislative and municipal 30 September 2013

Disagreements between leaders of the political training and court proceedings made access to these accounts impossible.

The other reason mentioned, "is that it is necessary to put in order of battles to prepare the future elections, that is to say in the immediate, the legislative, the municipal and the regional which point to the horizon, trying to make sure that the problems of the plurality of investitures coming from opposing party tendencies do not arise. "

This had been costly to the UPC during the 2013 senatorial who had seen all lists rejected thereby.

In the presidential election of October 7, 2018, Habiba Issa after trying to present himself without success, had finally supported the candidacy of Maître Akéré Muna and Robert Bapooh Lipot, that of the outgoing President and future winner, Paul Biya. two personalities removed them.

Without any congress even extra-ordinary, and without a wide consultation open to the greatest sensibilities of the UPC, Habiba Issa and Robert Bapooh Lipot, without a certain political logic and against all odds, have decided to walk together.

It's as if everyone needs the other to become more assertive and legitimize themselves.

Cameroonians in general and UPC militants in particular have become accustomed to the constant leadership quarrels and innumerable reversals that often serve the historic party.

Not sure that the new alliance brings more confidence in the approach used to seal it.

Journalist: Eric Boniface Tchouakeu