Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Traffic accident: 2850 people die every year in Cameroon

The days of insurance were used as an excuse to try to gather 5000 signatures wanted by the initiators of this project.

2850 people lose their lives every year in Cameroon following road accidents, and nearly 7000 are disabled by the same problem.

Figures scary enough to realize the seriousness of the situation. Except that in the collection of information related to road accidents, police, gendarmerie and the Ministry of Transport overlap in the war of the numbers thus creating a big cacophony in this sector oh so important.

It is in this sense that Martial Missimikim, president of Securoute thought that it would be very urgent for Cameroon to have a government body that would. Will be able to speak with authority and conviction of the road safety but also who can technically synchronize the activity of this domain; a kind of national office of road safety.

He took advantage of the occasion of the days of insurance organized by the Association of insurance companies of Cameroon (Asac) to launch a plea in the form of petitions to collect at least 5,000 signatures. "It's a plea, it's our cry. That the state creates a center that will really take care of everything related to life, safety on the road, "said Martial Manfred Missimikim. For him, it is this body that will ensure that no one is driving the phone screwed to the ear, it will make him that the highway code is rigorously applied, it is this body that will take the motorists to be correct once installed at the wheel because, no fault will be tolerated, and the transparency in the management of funds collected on both sides, more palpable. "Who can tell us the direction taken by the funds collected by the police and the gendarmerie once the patrols are over?" That's all we want to see in the clearest "

It must be said that the initiator of this The petition has said that there is no question of creating a new commission that will no doubt be as amorphous as the one that has existed since 1999 and is dormant in the drawers of Yaounde.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly has created the Network of Parliamentarians for Road Safety (Legisroute), which is led by the Honorable Aboubakar Ibrahim.Because the situation has reached alarming proportions in view of the same economic impact of these road accidents more than 300 billion FCFA, estimates Martial Manfred Missimikim.

In fact, after an accident, companies take blows, medical expenses, funeral expenses, unemployment due to the closure of some transport agencies are as much damage favored by road accidents and that "the cacophony maintained by the police and the gendarmerie are struggling to master, "he said.