Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Switzerland: police 'attack' Paul Biya's bodyguards

File photo

Following the surprise action of the Anti-Sardinard Brigade at the end of the morning in Brussels, there followed sharp clashes and fights between the elements of the BAS and those of the presidential security.

Very quickly, the Swiss police intervened to arrest 4 activists and released them very quickly. They are free.

The Swiss police later called to order the security of Biya by letting them know that they do not accept the attacks of peaceful protesters on their territory.

While the elements of Paul Biya had turned into hotel security guards, they were asked to respect the premises and behave like customers. The hotel is putting in place a new security device that excludes Paul Biya's security agents.

At the same time the leaders of the BAS promise the fire on Geneva Saturday and indicate that it was simply a first attempt.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt