Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Switzerland: the BAS make the worst for the presidential couple visit

The resistant diaspora is determined to return to its prison in Cameroon, President Paul Biya. She will make it known Saturday at the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva in Switzerland where the fugitive president would hide.

The Appeal is unambiguous. If the sick couple Paul and Chantal Biya managed to thwart the vigilance of those who maintained it rightly (but against his will) in Cameroon, country he likes to govern and puncture but where he does not like to reside, the Cameroonians of the stranger engaged in resistance against the hold-up perpetrated on their country want to lead him very hard life! Until he breaks his baggage and comes back to the country where he has to solve a number of problems in the next three months according to the ultimatum that was launched on Saturday at the start of the operation "Game Over "

Events like "Operation Game Over" are thus announced in the Swiss capital where President Biya and the First Lady would have descended as usual obliged to travel in secret to avoid being noticed. According to information received by various Cameroonian editors, the bĂȘte noire of the presidential couple, or rather their impediment to enjoy and lounging around in circles, Cameroonian resistance fighter Emmanuel Kemta is on his way to Geneva where he intends to join his energy to that of his compatriots. from the diaspora, to make the old Cameroonian dictator understand, that his place is not in Switzerland, but in Cameroon where he created chaos or continues to serve as a cover for the sowers of death.

President Paul Biya would have personally traveled to finalize the agreement with the English-speaking separatists. There during this time continues like sheep to be agitated while the English separatists roll them in the flour.

The manhunt that began on Monday will peak on Saturday, June 29, as indicated by a message relayed by our colleagues site "free kicks" which exhales a fierce determination.

According to Claudia S., a Cameroonian based in the United States joined on the phone by Cameroonvoice who announced that she will move to any country where she will learn that the Biya couple is, "it is question for all the patriots worthy of this name to put an end to the Dante comedy of the private medical stay of a statesman who does not cease to reduce to the most extreme misery a people whose direction he has arrogated to himself, while with the goods of this same people, they grant themselves with women and children all the imaginable cares ".