Monday, June 10, 2019

Security: Over 2000 graduates have join BIR

Some 2,230 soldiers from the 2019 Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) group have been confirmed to join others in enhancing security in the country. These trainees received an end-of-training certificate on June 7 at a ceremony held at the BIR Command Training.

The ceremony was chaired by General Mpai Philip, commander of the military training schools, who called on the new team to use the skills acquired during the training to play its role and ensure the safety, safeguarding the core values ​​and values of the nation, paying attention to the national integrity of the country.

Of the 3,000 candidates selected for this training, 2,230 graduated after five months of intensive training at Camp Limbe. They were trained in combat skills, intellectual skills, moral training and psychological experiences.

General Philip Mpai reminded the graduates of the security challenges they face as the country faces enormous threats to security and territorial integrity. The 2230 BIR soldiers would strengthen their military capabilities in affected areas, such as the extreme north of the country, where the Boko Haram group has increased attacks in recent weeks and in the northwestern and southwestern regions where separatists are fighting for an independent Cameroon.

In addition, the attacks of kidnappers in Adamaoua, Séléka rebels from the Central African Republic to the border in the eastern region have multiplied, a high rate of bandits operate and this is one of many concerns related to security. It is expected that these soldiers will be sent to the affected areas to assist those already fighting the different groups mentioned above.