Monday, June 10, 2019

Scene of March 8: 200 arrests of activists announced

This figure presented by the spokesman of Maurice Kamto, subject to the count still in progress, provides information on the climate that prevailed in downtown Yaounde on June 8th.

The all-out mobilization of law enforcement forces on June 8, in the major crossroads of the city of Yaounde, did not allow the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc), to continue its second series of " white steps ". "This Saturday, June 08, 2019 was scheduled the continuation of the marches started Saturday, June 1, under the impetus of the national peaceful resistance led by Maurice Kamto and the winning coalition. The info clear and sharp. It is therefore en masse that the activists and sympathizers of the Mrc and the winning coalition massively converged on the central post office of Yaoundé. However, the latter having been cordoned off and almost isolated by police and gendarmes, peaceful walkers were first redeployed elsewhere in the city, the time to stimulate a new approach, "said Olivier Bibou Nissack.

"However, having been in this movement of redeployment infiltrated and spotted, given their impressive number and difficult to conceal including in small separate groups, the security device has targeted them. At least 200 people, subject to the final counting in progress, were arbitrarily and brutally arrested on various sites in the city, "said spokesman Maurice Kamto. It should be noted that the 2nd vice-president of the Mrc, Tiriane Noah, is not one of those arrested. In addition, information circulating on social networks and which Mutations could not confirm the veracity, indicate that the homes of some executives of the Mrc were surrounded by the forces of law enforcement during the morning of June 8 last .

All-round deployment

The Post Office is almost "dressed" in black - the color of the police uniform.These patrol in the different corners.Around 10:00 am, a pickup of the Special Rapid Response Team (Esir), with about ten policemen on board, comes to a stop at the intersection of Avenue Kennedy. One of the officers gets off the vehicle and asks two of his colleagues to follow him. The Cameroonian portal of Belgium.They go to traders to exchange with them."Friends, I suggest you go home and come back Monday (this day, Ed). Today (last Saturday, Ndlr) is a very sensitive day, "he said to the place of the shirt sellers. These police will go to various commercial spaces. They will search, challenge and board pick-ups, people for an unknown destination.

The various roads that converge on the roundabout of the Central Post Office are invested by the security forces and the maintenance of order. The latter are dressed in their uniforms covered with shock, from head to toe. To these equipments, are added batons and shields riot. The main axis of the Central Post Office is blocked by the parking of the anti-riot trucks dark blue and green police and gendarmerie. In the center of this axis, a machine on which was raised a balloon about 500 meters from the ground, with a camera installed, collects images in diving.

This mobilization is almost identical to the so-called "Rond-point Hilton" and "Rond-point Nlongkak". Road users move freely, but crowds are prohibited. "It will be necessary that the Mrc programs walks and meetings every day, 24/24, in risky areas such as neighborhoods, crossroads, snack bars, nightclubs... At least, we are sure that [our] dear police will be there deployed. And it will significantly reduce the number of assaults, fights, robberies and rapes, "quipped a passerby, visibly marked by the safe deployment.


The activists and sympathizers of the Mrc maintain their slogan of strike. They demand the unconditional release of the national president of this political party, Maurice Kamto, the leaders of the allied parties, and "the consensual reform of the entire electoral system before the organization of any new election". They oppose "the disguised exclusion of Mrc and his allies from the political game; war in the North-West and South-West regions, the handover of power between Mr. Biya and his clan ".

The "white marches" scheduled for June 8th are in line with those held on June 1st, with the arrest of 354 activists and supporters of this political party. Among them, the first vice-president, Mamadou Mota; one of the special advisers of Maurice Kamto, His Majesty Pierre Marie Biloa Effa Jean and the regional Mrc in the South, Oko'o Apollinaire Legrand. The Mrc is not ready to let go of the ballast before the government, also determined to repress its "white steps". The shock of the extremes seems still far from having reached its verdict.