Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Revelation of a relative of Biya: 'it is by the fear that one governs'

After 36 years of President Biya's 86-year-old rule, Cameroon is more than ever torn apart by a political crisis. On the one hand, an armed revolt in English-speaking Cameroon, on the other side in French-speaking Cameroon, the beginnings of an unarmed peaceful revolution.

"Progressively, methodically and irreversibly, the Secession is destroying the unitary state. This story will end with the collapse of the Biya regime. An autistic diet, sealed in its outdated certainties, closed like an egg and incapable of the slightest analysis. His thuriféraires believe he controls the situation while it escapes! The state of Cameroon is on its knees and the Secession bleeds the public treasury to white. Now that after the CDC, SONARA is attacked, the state of Cameroon is on the edge of the roll, practically standing! In any case, it is not the Secessionists who ask the Dialogue, but the Government!And there will come a time when this Government will ask for it by begging "Dieudonne Essomba, economist statistician.

While the government seems to be overwhelmed in the English-speaking part, according to the economist Dieudonné Essomba, in the French-speaking Cameroon repressed peaceful indignation is likely to lead to the unarmed democratic revolution with a people visibly out of fear.

A source within the coalition around Maurice Kamto relayed over a year ago the words of the former Ex-Director of the Cabinet Civil in these terms, '' it is by fear that we govern ''

Govern by fear and terror, these are the methods used by the regime since the birth of the state of Cameroon, with the sole purpose of maintaining power.

For the first time since 1984, the system is seriously shaken. And it's not because of the age of the old lion, President Paul Biya but because the foundations of his system are attacked.

Maurice Kamto, Patrice Nganang and Christian Penda Ekoka are those who understood that we must demystify the arms of the octopus that are prison, torture, arrests.

"If we demystify all this, if Cameroonians are no longer afraid of political prison, no one will walk on them. Neither Biya nor any other politician in the future. "Explains a Cameroonian political analyst based in Cape Town.

Maurice Kamto and Penda Ekoka are part of a coalition with the goal of changing regimes. Unlike Nganang and the Anti Sardinard Brigade, they have no ambition to govern, they fight for regime change.These are forces of change whose members are for the most part political exiles having left Cameroon.

While throughout Africa the economy takes off, in Cameroon intelligence services instead of focusing on intelligence and security, are almost active in the preservation of power in a country almost knee.

Source: camerounliberty.com