Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Reveals: This is how Maurice Kamto managed to intimidate Biya and his elites

Beyond the daily cacophony that now characterizes this illegitimate government, the signs of a "disorienting" compression accumulate to the point where Cameroonians do not include like great moviegoers who get up every morning wondering what kind of film will serve them the diet. The pressure of Kamtogate is such that the regime, stunning and seeing the enemy everywhere, governs only by rumor. Which naturally leads to many errors.

There is a theorem in the field of clashes of all kinds, or a proverb to speak like an African, who says that "the adversary makes a lot of mistakes when under pressure". The tyrannical regime of Yaoundé does not escape this rule and presents every day signs of feverishness that demonstrate a deep state of decay and disorder. Beyond the daily cacophony that now characterizes this illegitimate government, the signs of a "disorienting" compression accumulate to the point where Cameroonians now behave like great moviegoers who rise every morning wondering what is the kind of the movie of the day that will serve them the diet. It must be said that the regime has become under the pressure of Maurice Kamto a filmmaker in all genres. There is not one area where this regime does not excel in the staging of a cinema of bad taste that amuses Cameroonians.

The screaming manifestation of this multiplication of errors does not lie in the mismanagement or absence of rudder that has characterized the power of Yaoundé since 1982 and to which Cameroonians religiously accustomed themselves to the price of the massacre of many freedom fighters. In fact, the new fact of the pressure exerted by the strategist Maurice Kamto lies in the rumored governance that is the hallmark of the Nguté government. And as was to be expected, this mode of governance can only lead to errors. It will take a very long time to list them here because the frequency of the errors imposes a daily compilation:

- This stubbornness to stop the demonstrators and the leaders of the MRC.

- The mediocre reaction of Mr Niat and his accomplice Cavaye in response to the declaration of the European Union which took the trouble to gather an assembly to discuss the situation of Cameroon.

- The declaration of war to the diaspora.Even the Soviet Union and North Korea at the worst moments of the communist repression had not cut off the bridges with their diaspora. And they were right.

- The epidermic reaction of the Government in relation to the UNE of the newspaper Le Jour, while all Cameroonians agree that the regime has established tribalism in the country as one of the pillars of the perpetuation of its power.

- The bad luck is the only premium that this regime wants to bring to Lions and indomitable lions. According to CPDM fetishism, lions win when they sleep under the stars. Time will tell.

- Mr Sadi decrees that journalists are outlaws and orders the arrest of journalist Chouta and all those who denounce the prevarication as Gilbert Baongla, another son who requires official recognition of certain landslides.

- Rumors about the dates of exams that correspond to holidays and have deprived hundreds of students of their degree.

- The panic of some ministers and other spoliators who reject their internet tool of spoliation and bullying by denouncing a swindle on the networks. Fear has really changed sides.

- The crazy rumor about the dialogue, organized by the Ngute trio of Bamenda, Atanga of Paris and MbellaMbella of Yaounde.

- The bad jokes of the outgoing President announcing a National Day of Mourning on the day of the Music Festival. A day devoted exclusively to Darak's 17 soldiers, not to all the soldiers, not to the Gendarmes or to the police and even less to the poor Cameroonians. To each one his fury. - And finally, after drunk the cadi of life possible in Cameroon (9 months without interruption), the outgoing president will show his cowardice by announcing himself on a private visit to Europe, taking advantage of a rumor that the BAS is would be granted a private stay in the United States for, we are told, an update. Escape or error? We will know it very quickly.

The pressure of the Kamtogate is such that the regime of Etoudi is stunning, seeing foreign interference in any sensitive soul who disapproves of the pauperization of Cameroonians. Thus national and international NGOs, foreign parliaments, the UN, Cameroonian journalists, whistleblowers, political parties, lions of the national team are all called "foreign forces". No longer knowing where to put the head, the illegitimate government has opted for governance by rumor because he no longer knows which way to dance. So we are not at the end of accounting errors that will only multiply.

Reporter: Douala Ngando