Thursday, June 13, 2019

Politacl Crisis: Dieu Momo spits fire, hit hard on Maurice Kamto

"When a leader leads his own political family in a gaping pit ... this leader proves that he does not have the ability to lead the opposition"

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice publishes a free forum in the columns of the daily Cameroon Tribune of June 12, 2019, through which he is the opposition Cameroonian. He particularly attacks the MRC and its leader, without ever citing them.

Decidedly, Jean De Dieu Momo has fertile intellectual output. Since his appointment to the government on January 4, 2019, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice multiplies the articles of opinion he publishes in the press or social networks.

"The future is lived in the present" is the title of the free forum that the member of the government publishes in the columns of the newspaper Cameroon Tribune published this Wednesday, June 12, 2019. The leader of PADDEC is "the situation report of the opposition . He attacks the MRC (Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon) and its leader, Maurice Kamto , without ever mentioning them.

"The crystallization of the political opportunities of a certain political formation around the sole individuality of its leader, freezes any chances of implementation of the possibilities of occupation for the other executives, of the field of local governance during the legislative and coming municipal " , thinks the politician.

In other words, according to Me Momo, the MRC is heading straight for a failure in the next elections. Further on, he defends Paul Biya's dolphin in the last presidential election. "When a leader leads the leadership of his own political family to a gaping hole for hope, where all opportunities for political opportunities that can be grasped by his key cadres are drowned, this leader proves that he does not possess the ability to drive opposition leadership , "he says, speaking of Maurice Kamto.

"Having reduced an overview to an egocentric introspection, shortened from oneself to one, absorbing all the possibilities that might first benefit a set, a certain political family of the opposition, this leader guarantees for sure , to his political family a certain death , " adds the former fierce opponent of the Yaounde regime, who passed into the Allied camp shortly before the presidential election of October 2018.